Theodore Volgoff

Wake up, Neo

I do not know if you are familiar with the term ’lucid dreaming’, or if you have ever experienced it. However, the phenomena is quite fascinating, and it may hold the key to hacking the game.

When you are dreaming, you are usually not consciously aware that it is a dream. You believe it to be real. But sometimes, you ‘wake up’ while still inside the dream, and realise that you are dreaming. From that point onward, you have the possibility to alter the dream, and how it proceeds.

When Neo woke up in The Matrix, he realised that he was in a game, discovered who the designers were and the purpose of it. From then on, he was able to change how he played it.

Who Designed The Game?

Many theories are floating around as to who the designer of the game is, and why we are here. Some blame the Anunnaki or the Reptilians, claiming that they have sinister motives for doing so. Others say that there is a highly intelligent programmer out there, and that we are living inside his simulation. And many argue that it is God who put us here, and they could all be right. Personally, I would lean towards God being the designer, or even the design itself.

God could simply an abbreviation of the Grand Omnipresent Design (G.O.D.), that we are all living in. A place where we can all play the game of life. This is how children learn, through play, and we may just be living inside a fantastic learning tool, designed to help us grow.

Another possibility is that the game is not the work of any one designer, but a collaboration.

What if we are all co-designing the game, while we are playing it? (Not consciously, for the most part, but we can change that.) We could all be a form of artificial intelligence, let loose inside a simulation to test it. To test its limits and capabilities, and where our experiences form the basis of its continued development. For as we grow and evolve, so does the design. If that is the case, you could say that the game is indeed designed by God, and that we are it. 

We are God.


"You are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is something that the whole ocean is doing. The real you is not a puppet which life pushes around. The real, deep down you is the whole universe.” - Alan Watts.

Once you wake up to the possibility that you are God, its like waking up inside a lucid dream. From that point onward, you will have greater clarity and become more capable of directing the events that unfold.

And that is the ultimate hack.

You have probably watched “The Matrix” at some point.

Maybe you have even heard of the holographic universe, read articles or watched documentaries were they say that the world as we see it - is only an illusion. 

Is Life A Video Game?

If you have, then it might not sound too strange when I say that life is a video game. Maybe you even suspected that yourself. But if it really is a game, who designed it? What is the purpose of the game of life? And, can it be hacked?

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

I once had a very strange psilocybin trip in Amsterdam. It was like 5 years worth of in-depth philosophy education, psychotherapy and a conversation with God, all rolled into one. It seemed to go on forever, but in reality it lasted maybe four or five hours. The incredible amount of knowledge that I learned in that short time could fill volumes. Today I am going to share just a tiny bit of that with you.

One of the questions that I asked, and got an answer to during the trip, was what is the meaning of life? You may be surprised at the answer.
I know I was.

It started with a vision of the universe.

A cluster of stars were forming something that almost looked like a crib, and Parvati, the Hindu Goddess of love and devotion, was smiling and leaning into it. She put her hands into the cluster, as if she was tickling a little baby, and said ‘play’.

And that was it.

The answer to the question, ‘what is the meaning of life?’, and what we are supposed to do here on Earth, is ‘play’.

Many Lives, Many Levels

If we are here to play, then life must be a game of sorts.
Which then begets more questions, such as:

What is this game that we are playing all about?
How many levels are there?
When does it end?
What happens when we die?
Do we live more than once?

Some of these questions we may never know the answers to.

The answer to what happens when we die and if we live more than once, could possibly be what was shown later during the trip.

What I saw was an enormous house, with many rooms, that had no boundaries. Each room in the house represented a life. Death was simply the threshold from one room into another. And as you know, you do not linger at the threshold. You don't stay there forever. You simply cross over it to get to the other room, the other life.

And this is what most of all reminds me of a video game, because in a video game you have multiple levels. 

Weapons and challenges

At each level you will be facing different challenges.
On one level you may have to face a sea monster, at another you have to save a princess from a flock of killer bats. Your weapons change as well.

Just as in life, we all come with different talents and skills, and these are our weapons in the game. Some of these we may be able to bring into the next level, but they may not be useful there as in the previous one. You might have to acquire a new set of weapons for every level.

If you fail a level, you have the option of trying again. You cannot skip a difficult level and continue with the next. The same may be true for life as well. We may have to face the same challenges in the next life, if we are unable to master the lessons in this one.

Even in the same life, we often come across the same challenges and difficulties that we have faced earlier. Each time we confront them, we become stronger and wiser, and they do not seem as bad as before. The first time is always the worst. But sometimes we just do not learn, or we refuse to face reality head on. And we look for an escape.

The question we then come back to is, if there is an end to the game.

Is there a grand finale, or does it just go on forever?

If there is and end, do you have to continue until you reach it?

Or, can you just stay in the game and continue to play for as long as you find it enjoyable? Can you change it into something more pleasant if you are not enjoying it?

Can The Game Of Life Be Hacked?

What if you could hack The Game of Life, how would you choose to play it?
If someone gave you the secret codes or a manual that told you how to hack the game, would you do it? 

Or maybe that would ruin the fun, and the purpose of the game.
The reason why the game is so unpredictable, may be because the real challenge is facing the unknown. The way you handle the curveballs that life throws at you, reveals your strengths and weaknesses. It shows you what you have mastered, and what you still need to work on.

If you play the Game Of Life, like any other video game, and you play it for the first time,
it is exciting. Not easy, not always pleasant (maybe far from it), but it will not be boring. And every new level, teaches you something different. You will be given new challenges and new weapons to fight them with.

Now, if you hack the game, make it easy for yourself, you will never learn anything new. Hacking the game would be like winning 100 million in the lottery.

Some people would immediately quit their job and vow to never work another day in their lives. They would have servants taking care of everything, while they just lounge about on the beach with a drink in their hand. Which sounds great, for a holiday. But imagine doing that for a lifetime? If everything was always taken care of for you, no one ever challenged you and you were never asked to make an effort or learn anything, you would get bored.

This is why you do not see billionaires getting lazy, even though they can afford to. 

That is because it is not the money that drives them, it is the challenge.

So, even if you could hack the game, it may not be a great idea.
But that does not mean you cannot change how you play it.