Theodore Volgoff

The Mirror Of Destiny

'Gaze into the Mirror of Destiny and know your future', the sign says. 
In the little town of Hollow Oaks, three people do just that. 
What they see changes their lives.

Tired of reading, or just want to be read to? The short story "God Gets A Checkup" can also be found on YouTube. 

The Pool

Lost in the desert, Takuma stumbles across a pool.

The pool is fenced in, and guarded by the strange looking Grey Men. They will not let anyone in. But why?

What is so special about this pool?


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La Mochila

La única regla para volar es viajar ligero.

Por esto es que para que Irfan el Sabio consiga que su nuevo estudiante se eleve por los aires, necesita antes convencerlo de abandonar su mochila.


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The Backpack

The one and only rule of flying, is to travel light.

So before Irfan the Wise can get his new student airborne, he first has to convince him to part with his backpack.

​Short Stories

All of Theodore Volgoff's short stories - in one!

La Piscina

Perdido en el desierto, Takuma tropieza con una piscina.
La piscina está cercada y protegida por los hombres grises de aspecto extraño.
No dejarán entrar a nadie. ¿Pero por qué?
¿Qué tiene de especial esta piscina?

God Gets A Checkup

After 300 years of non-stop work at the Divine Intervention Hotline 
the God Yahweh is ordered by his doctor to get some rest.
His little brother Satan decides to help.