Theodore Volgoff

"Actually, this is something for you to take a look at Sheriff. That woman in there is scamming people. It is all rubbish."
"What is?"
"That..'Mirror of Destiny' thing."
"Well, did you ask for your money back?"
"No. She does not charge people. It is free."
"Then what is the scam? If she is not trying to get money from you, I mean."
Matilda squinted at him. "It is a scam. I do not know what she is trying to get out of people, and whatever it is she is getting none out of me. But it is a scam. Good day, Sheriff", she says, straightens her jacket and walks away. 

Corinne shows him the mirror, tells him to close the curtains, stare into the mirror and wait.

As soon as the curtains are closed Sheriff Warner starts to investigate the mirror and the enclosed space in which it is being held. He looks for projectors, cameras, wires, anything that could potentially be evidence of a scam. But he finds nothing that should not be there. All he can see is the mirror, so he stares into it and waits, thinking that might reveal what the scam is.

In the mirror he sees a very detailed image of a young man lying in a hospital bed. It is Jonathan Evers. A 16 year old kid who had been poisoned with methanol after drinking bad moonshine. He had been critically ill for the past two days, and they were unsure of whether or not he would survive. In the vision the young man is dying. Doctors and nurses are frantically trying to rescue him, but to no avail. Warner still has no leads in the case.

The image slowly fades and is replaced by another. He sees the inside of a small tool shed and what appears to be a still working away in the corner, churning out a clear liquid. A man in a plaid shirt walks in and pours the liquid into plastic containers before loading them onto a white SUV. The vehicle looks familiar, and when the man gets into the car he sees the driver's face in the side mirror. It is Aaron Jackson. A local handyman and wannabe playboy that had been picked up by him on more than one occasion for drunk and disorderly behaviour. The image fades and the mirror returns to normal.

Warner is not sure what to make of this 'mirror of destiny'.
​He has never come across anything like it. 

"Good evening", she says and shakes his hand. "I am Corinne. The Guardian of the Mirror."
"Sheriff Warner. Guardian of the nice little town of Hollow Oaks." He smiles and continues, "I would like to have a word with you about your business here. What is it exactly that you do?"

Suddenly she stops, turns back and whispers,

"I am sorry, but I can not help you. I can not interfere with your destiny."
"Pfft!", Matilda waves her hands and walks out of the tent.

Outside she bumps into Sheriff Warner. 

Corinne tells him about the mirror. That the images reveal your possible futures, that the events closest to the present and most likely to occur appear clearer than the others, and lastly that there is no guarantee that people will like what they see. 

"No, I do not want any flaming lottery ticket! I will save my money, thank you very much", he hears Matilda shout behind him as he enters the tent. 

"So you will get the bad news as well as the good?", he asks, "Or can you change that?"
"I can not alter your destiny, only show it to you. The mirror will not lie to make you feel better. It will tell you the truth, whether you are ready for it or not. And I do not interfere unless instructed to do so."
"So if people ask you, then...?"
"No. The mirror decides, and it has allowed me to help you."
"I see. That is nice. So where is this mirror? I would like to take a look at it."

"It is a good thing you do not charge any money for this, because I would be asking for my money back", Matilda tells Corinne.
"All the Mirror does is show you your destiny. There is no guarantee that you will like what you see."
"Sure. Sure...Does not seem to be doing a very good job of it. I never play the lottery, and there is no way I am going to be hit by a truck walking in the woods or crossing the fields. So how come it shows me this? Care to explain?"

Sheriff Warner sighs. Matilda Jenkins could be a batty old hag, but also very perceptive. If she says something is not quite right it is at least worth investigating.

"Where are you going in such a hurry?", he asks.
"Nowhere. Just out of here", she says and starts walking. 

'Help him', the book instructs Corinne as Sheriff Warner walks into her tent. 

Corinne glances down at her book. The words 'Do not interfere' appears spread across the pages.