Theodore Volgoff

Warner then starts to blame himself. I should have arrested Jackson while he was still in the car, then none of this would have happened.

Meanwhile, Deputy Saunders is talking to the distraught truck driver. 

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Deputy Saunders barely makes is to the crossroads at Wilson's cabbage patch in time. When she parks the police car across the road, she sees Jackson heading straight for her. He shows no signs of slowing down. Saunders is trying to get out of the car when the SUV swerves off the road and into the cabbage patch, taking the door of the police car with it, and crashing straight into the red truck.

Saunders tries to calm down and catch her breath after being an inch away from death. She hears the driver of the truck screaming, "No! Please God, no!" as he struggles to get out the cab and over to a woman squeezed in between the truck and the SUV.

The shock wears off and Saunders rushes over and sees Jackson getting out of the car. He is dizzy and bleeding from a cut on his forehead, but still trying to make a run for it. She grabs him and throws him to the ground and cuffs him, before attending to the woman. Saunders recognises Matilda and calls her by name, but the old lady does not speak or move.
She is gone.

How the hell could this happen?, Sheriff Warner wonders when he finally arrives at the scene. And why did that idiot run? Jackson is crawling on the ground with his hands behind his back, still trying to get away. 

"We make hundreds of choices every day. Most of which do not matter, some that matter in the long run and a few important ones. We do not always know beforehand which category the choices we make belong to."

"Are you happy now, Jackson? Now you have killed two people. One was not enough for you?", he shouts at him.

Her words did not make sense to him at the time, but now they did.

​She also told him that, "Whatever happens, it is not your fault."
That last bit he is not so sure about. But it is a comforting thought. 


Hearing Deputy Saunders calm down the truck driver reminds Warner of his conversation with Corinne the night before. Her words echo in his mind.

Matilda is on her way home. She is walking her usual route, tracing the edge of Galway forest and going past the Baxter's house where well-wishers have been gathering all morning. Matilda stays to watch the flow of people for a short while and wonders if she should join them, but then decides not to. It is too crowded over there now. Besides, she can always come back later. The Baxter house is only a short distance away from hers, on the other side of Wilson's cabbage patch.
She starts walking again.

Soon after entering the cabbage patch she sees a truck go off the road and into the patch, before coming to a complete halt in the middle of it. The words 'Stanley Farms - Fresh produce for fresh living' are printed on the side of the truck along with pictures of cows. It has a red cab just like the truck in her vision. Matilda gets worried. Is this the 'death truck'?, she wonders. But it could not possibly kill her now. It is parked. Then she remembers seeing the driver hanging over the steering wheel. Maybe he was hurt? Maybe he had suffered a stroke or a heart attack and needed her help? Maybe that is that why the mirror had showed her this, so she could help him. Matilda decides to take a closer look. As she comes closer she hears music. It is Elvis' American Trilogy. She sees the dancing Elvis doll on the dashboard and the driver hanging over the steering wheel, precisely as the mirror had showed her. It is just like in her vision. Except for one thing.

There is no blood on the outside of the truck.


"I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I fell asleep. I am so sorry", the man cries.
"Sir, what is your name?"
"Gene Russel. I am so sorry."
"You did not do this Gene. You were parked. The SUV hit you and the woman. You did not hit anyone, okay? This is not your fault."
"Oh, thank God!"
"It was just a freak accident."

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